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Bosphorus is like a waterfront residence museum with hundreds of waterfront residences adorning Asia and Eouropean coasts. By examining the artchitectural structures, decorations and stories of the waterfront residences in this musesum, we can understand Bosphorus culture of Ottoman Empire.

“The waterfront residence” is on the edge of the sea. If the building far from the sea, it is called as the mansion.

The waterfront residence is a culture in Ottoman Empire and the colors of the waterfront residence give informations about its owner.

While waterfront residence of Muslims were light colored the waterfront residence of non Muslims were in shades of grey and the waterfront residence of statesmen were red colored.

There are 366 historical buildings in Bosphorus. 84 of these waterfront residences are in Üsküdar. This article is about 27 of these waterfront residences that have managed to preserve their historic value.

These waterfront residences are on road that lies from Üsküdar to Kandilli. You can see these waterfront residences when you travel from Üsküdar to Beykoz.

Let’s travel.

Çürüksulu Waterfront Residence

The waterfront residence located in Salacak was built on ruins of Byzantine in 1790s by Tırnakçızade who was a horn and hoof merchant. It was bought by Çürüksulu Ahmet Paşa in 1790s and is known by this name.

Baştımar and Arapzadeler Waterfront Residences

Baştımar Waterfront Residence which is dark brown and Arapzadeler Waterfront Residence which is light brown.

Baştımar Family descend from Gazi Edhem Pasha who is one of the famous commanders of reign Sultan Abdülhamit II.

Nihat Sargın who is general secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey lived in this waterfront residence for a time.

Arapzadeler Waterfront Residence dates from the 18th centruy and Arapzade Ataullah Efendi who was sheikhulislam in 1785 is first owner its.

Sculptor İhsan Bey Waterfront Residence

İhsan Özsoy who is owner this waterfront residence is first Turkish sculptor of the Ottoman Empire. He was born in Istanbul in 1867 and was one of the students of the Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi which was first fine arts high school of the Ottoman Empire. Apparently, this waterfront residence hosted a lot of art conversations.

This  waterfront residence located in Kuzguncuk is consisting of two parts: Haremlik (space for family) and selamlık (space for guests) .

From the buildings in the photograph, yellow one is the selamlık  and white one is the harem.

In the waterfront residences of Bosphorus, is harem section usually bigger than the selamlık section because family life is lived there. Here, it did the opposite.

İhsan Özsoy and a statue made by him

Fethi Paşa Watwerfront Residence

Arif Hikmet Bey is first known owner of this waterfront residence who served as sheikhulislam during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecit (1839-1861)

After it is bought by Fethi Pasha who founded first museum in the Ottoman Empire.

It consisted of two parts: Haremlik and selamlık. Haremlik section burned down in 1927 and selamlık section was left.

It was known as one of the most beautiful waterfront residences of Bosphorus before it burned down. Fethi Pasha Grove behind the waterfront residence was the garden of the waterfront residence.

Kamil Paşa Waterfront Residence

This waterfront residence which looks like the houses drawn by primary school, was built late 1700s. İt was bought by Kamil Paşa who served as Embassy Of St. Petersburg. İt’s named after him.

Halil Haşim Bey Waterfront Residence

It was built early 1900s architect Raimondo D’Aronco who built many buildings in İstanbul.

Münevver Ayaşlı Waterfront Residence

 Ottoman noblemens lived in Beylerbeyi. One of them is Münevver Ayaşlı who a novelist and short story writer. Münevver Hanım wrote her many books in here.

Münevver Ayaşlı

Debreli İsmail Hakkı Pasha Waterfront Residence

Built in 1880s, one of the most preserved waterfront residences of Bosphorus although burned down several fires. İsmail Hakkı Pasha, who was the second owner of this waterfront residence was in charge of food of Ottoman army.

İsmail Hakkı Pasha was born in Debre which is a district of Macedonia and was Debre deputy. Some of the stuff  in waterfront residence is from him.

Ah Güzel İstanbul which played starring Sadri Alışık who is famous Turkish actor was shot here.

Hasib Pasha Waterfront Residence

 Located in Beylerbeyi this waterfront residence was the meeting point of Young Turks who were political reformes of the Ottoman Empire.

Hasib Pasha bought this waterfront residence which was built in 18th centruy.

Hasib Pasha was one of the viziers of  Sultan Abdülmecit and Sultan Abdülaziz periods . He served as Ministry of Foundation five times and Ministry of Finance twice  and died here in 1870.

Mabeyinci Faik Bey Waterfront Residence

It was owner Mabeyinci Faik Bey who served as special pen manager (Turkish: Mabeyinci) in Yıldız Palace in Sultan Abdülhamit II period.

He was fond to art and literature so this waterfront residence hosted  many literary conversations.

Hüseyin Kazım Kadri Waterfront Residence

Hüseyin Kazım Kadri who gave his name to the waterfront residence served as governer and deputy.

Hüseyin Kazım Kadri spend last time of his life in this residence. Great Turkish Dictionary is his most important of work. He told about his dictionary ” It is product of 35 years of labor.” He began to write his dictionary here.

Sadullah Paşa Waterfront Residence

Located in Çengelköy Sadullah Pasha waterfront residence is one of the oldest and glitzy  the waterfront residence of Bosporus.

It built in 19th centruy was gifted to the Sultan Abdülhamit 1 by Mehmet Agha who was the harem agha in Topkapı Palace.

Sadullah Pasha bought the this building in 1872 and he is the sixth owner of it.

Sadullah Pasha served as ambassador in Berlin and Viyana and killed himself while he was ambassador to Viyana.

Sadullah Pasha’s wife didn’t believe that died Sadullah Pasha and waited that came Sadullah Pasha for years in this waterfront residence but came Pasha’s funeral.

Bostancıbaşı Abdullah Agha Waterfront Residence

This waterfront residence located in Çengelköy was built 1811 and it’s next to famous Çınaraltı Tea Garden.

Bostancıbaşı Abdullah Agha lived here until his death in 1832.

It was used as Italian Forces Command when was occupation of Istanbul between 1918 and 1923.

It’s using as a patisserie by Sütiş now.

Muazzez Hanım Waterfront Residence

You have a lot of money but you’re killing yourself. So, money doesn’t mean everything. You’re so famous and you have an Oscar but you’re killing yourself again. So, famous doesn’t mean everything. You’re give conferences about happiness all over the world but you’re killing yourself again. So, information doesn’t mean everything. Man! What’s your problem? Are you sick?

Have a cup of tea and read your book. This is life.

And life is a choise.

A cup of tea brewed with a beautiful soul or death.

And you prefer death.

And you’re living a waterfront residence in Bosphorus but  you’re killing yourself.

Where the word ends.

This waterfront residence located in Çengelköy was belong to Hayri İpar who was one of the first industrialist of Turkey. After Hayri İpar’s death, his daughter Muazzez İpar began to live in the waterfront residence.

Muazzez İpar was famous with her beauty but she killed herself in this waterfront residence in 1972.

Mahmut Nedim Pasha Waterfront Residence

The waterfront residence is some life. It bears the scars your life, just like Mahmut Nedim Pasha’s waterfront residence in Vaniköy.

Mahmut Nedim Pasha who was ambassador of the Ottoman Empire to Viyana lived in Prag for a period. He didn’t forget to add a tower which remind castles of Prag in his waterfront residence.

How to we remember this waterfront residence which is unlike architecture of the Bosphorus?

Memories. Memories. Memories.

Kazasker Necmeddin Efendi Waterfront Residence

Located in Vaniköy this waterfront residence is one storey, wooden and small.

It previously consisted of three separate sections: Haremlik, selamlık and hamlacılar (boatman). Selamlık remained  from these sections to present day.

Necmettin Efendi who gave his name to the waterfront residence served as minister of justice in Sultan Abdülhamit II period. He was one of the founders of the Şirket-i Hayriye which was providing transportation in the Bosphorus.

Ahmed Nazif Pasha Waterfront Residence

Vaniköy was famous for its waterfront residences and was named after Vani Mehmet Efendi who was one of the Ottoman scholars of the Sultan Mehmet 4 era.

Between 1897 and 1894, Nazif Pasha had this waterfront residence built. He was Sultan Abdülhamit’s Minister of Finance and he descended from Vani Mehmet Efendi.

Evrenesoğlu Hamid Bey Waterfront Residence

It’s one of the most European waterfront residence in the Bosphorus.

Evrenesoğlu is a family that raised raiders to the Ottoman Empire. Hamid Bey who gave his name this waterfront residence, descended from Evrenesoğlu Family.

This family managed to survival to the present day.

Kadınefendi Waterfront Residences

Kadınefendi waterfront residences which was one of the Vaniköy waterfront residences, was named after Dilfirib Kadınefendi who was one of the Sultan  Reşat’s wives.

This waterfront residence was built in 1700s, was first owner Sheikhulislam Mehmet Efendi.

Sheikhulislam Dürrizade Abdullah Efendi who was gave death fatwa for Atatürk who was founder Republic of Turkey, lived here for a time.

Recai Efendi Waterfront Residence

Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem who was one of the most good writers of the Ottoman Empire in 19th century, was born in this waterfront residence which was belong his father Recai Efendi.

It’s very interesting that this waterfront residence was used as a factory in the 1950s.

A corn oil factory in the edge of in Bosphorus. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry🙈

Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem

Edib Efendi Waterfront Residence

This waterfront residence located in Akıntıburnu in Kandilli, is one of the largest waterfront residences of the Bosphorus.

It was built by Divitdar Mehmet Emin Pasha who was one of the Ottoman statesmen in Tulip Period which was first westernisation period of the Ottoman Empire.

It was bought in 1887 by Edip Efendi who was one of the ministers of finance of the Sultan Abdülhamit 2 period.

Statesmen of the Ottoman Empire signed many international treaties in their houses. This was a tradition of the Ottoman. Edip Efendi followed  this tradition too and signed many international treaties in his waterfront residence. He signed many  treaties of commerce between Ottoman and Japan here.

Edip Efendi died in 1888 before he could enjoy his waterfront residence for a long time. Some popular soap operas are shooting here now. For example, Paramparça.

Hadi Semi Waterfront Residence

About Hadi Tahsin Bey who is oldest owner of this waterfront residence, isn’t known many knowledge.

According to, this house was made from red, it must have been built by an Ottoman statesman.

The two Englishman doctors was bought this waterfront residence early 1900s. They decided to come back to England when First World War finished and they bought this waterfront residence  to Likardopulos who is citizen of Greece.

Kont Ostrorog Waterfront Residence

This waterfront residence, called Red Waterfront Residence, is one of the most salient waterfront residences in the Bosphorus and was built in 19th mid-centruy.

In 1904, it was purchased by Count Ostrorog, a Polish legal expert and it became famous by his name.

Count Ostrorog was a linguist, knew seven language apart from Turkish, Arabic and Persian.

Count Ostrorog, who was lecturer at the Darülfünun which was only university of the Ottoman Empire, allowed this waterfront residence to be used as a hospital during the Gallipoli Wars.

It was purchased in 2000 by Rahmi Koç, is one of the most important industrialist of Turkey.

Abud Efendi Waterfront Residence

The waterfront residence in Kandilli was built by Altunizade Necip Bey who was very  rich which  in 1830. He constituted  with his own money a army of volunteer which was sent the Crimean War.

The waterfront residence was purchased by Abud Efendi, it’s know with this name.

He was president of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in 1864 and chaired for 33 years.

Abud Efendi was famous with his honesty.

And Abud Efendi

Kıbrıslı Waterfront Residence

Kıbrıslı Waterfront Residence is last waterfront residence in Üsküdar.

It was built in late 1700s, the first known owner is Mehmet İzzet Pasha who one of the grand viziers of  the Sultan Selim 3.

It was purchased by Kıbrıslı (cypirot) Mehmet Emin Pasha.

Şevket Bey who was one of the Kıbrıslı Mehmet Emin Pasha’s grandchildren, was a intellectual and he was friends with most good writers of the period. They usually met up in the this waterfront residence and talked about art and literature so this waterfront residence worked like a literature and culture hall.


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