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Beykoz is one of the first lands of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul. Beykoz’s surroundings are full of villages famous for their natural beauty. So, Beykoz was a place where many Ottoman sultans visited and hunted also Ottoman people were choose these villages as a picnic area. Beykoz was one of the picnic areas of the Ottoman Empire.

Beykoz, has managed to preserve an important part of its natural and historical beauty. The waterfront residences are among the most important of the historical buildings in Beykoz. Some of these waterfront residences hosted movies and soup operas.

There are 109 waterfront residence in Beykoz. This article is about 25 of these  waterfront residences. This waterfront residences are on a road that lies from Anatolian Fortress to Beykoz. You can see this waterfront residences when you travel from Üsküdar to Beykoz.

Let’s travel.

Mathematician İzzet Bey Waterfront Residence

The waterfront residence is located in the Anatolian Fortress. It was belong to a maths teacher who he was orphan and he had lived a difficult educational life. He had wrote 93 books during his lifetime. He is also a traveler because he wrote a book called the Bosphorus Guide. I’m a teacher and a traveler too. That’s why I love this waterfront residence so much except mathematics. I’m a history teacher and I never liked math.

Commodore Remzi Bey Waterfront Recidence

The Ottoman waterfront residences were built in Istanbul, usually have one and two storey. This waterfront residence in Anatolia Fortrees is like a four storey apartment building. It reminds us a soldier who is on the attention. The story of this house is also the story of the soldiers.

It was built by Commodore Remzi Bey in 1917 and it is known by this name.

This recidence is bought in 1924 by Mümtaz Aktay who  is one of the important commanders Turkish War Of Independence.

The Turkish War Of Independence reappears years later. Because this waterfront residence was bought by family of İsmet İnönü who is one of the important commanders Turkish War Of Independence and he served as prime minister and president.

İsmet İnönü in the Turkish War Of Independence

İsmail Hakkı Efendi of Monastery Waterfront Residence

The İslamic Sebilürreşad Magazine was published in 1908. The founder of this magazine was Mehmet Akif Ersoy who was the  author of the Turkish National  Anthem.

This magazine became the most important publication of the Islamist thought. İsmail Hakkı Efendi of Monastery was the first owner of this waterfront residence in Anatolian Fortrees.

İsmail Hakkı Efendi of Monastery was born in Monastery and studied at madrasa in İstanbul. He was a scholar and one of the author of Sebilürreşad Magazine.

İsmail Hakkı Efendi of Monastery died in this waterfront residence in 1912.

İsmail Hakkı Efendi of Monastery and one publication of Sebilürreşad Magazine

Bahriyeli Sedad Bey Waterfront Residence

Many waterfront residences in Bosphorus have a second name. This waterfront redcidence is one of them. It is known as Magnolia Waterfront Recidence because of  magnolia tree is found in its garden. It is about 170 years old.

Elegant Mustafa Pasha Waterfront Residence

Elegant Mustafa Paşa was one of the important governors of Ottoman Empire and served  in Konya, Erzurum and Aleppo. Later he became commander of the Anatolian Army. Elegant Mustafa Paşa had a very quiet and simple life therefore he was called Elegant.

It was built in 18th century and it was bougth by Elegant Mustafa Pasha in 1848. It was built on Bizans ruins therefore its garden has a ayazma.

Amcazade Hüseyin Pasha Waterfront Residence

The oldest waterfront residence in İstanbul was built by Amcazade Hüseyin Pasha in 1697.

Amcazade Hüseyin Pasha was grand vizier in Ottoman Empire between 1692-1702. He was a member of the Köprülü Family which reaised viziers to the Ottoman Empire.

Amcazade Hüseyin Pasha Waterfront Residence one of the rare waterfront recidences that hosted Sultans. It was hosted Sultan Mustafa II and Sultan Ahmet III also witnessed signing of Treaties of Karlofça and Pasarofça.

Nuri Pasha Waterfront Residence

It was built in 1895 was belong Nuri Pasha who one of the soldiers of Sultan Abdülhamit II.

 Marki Necib Bey Waterfront Residence

It was built early 1900s by Marki Necib who was a French nobleman. Marki Necib loved Melike Aliye. He became a Muslim to marry Melike Aliye Hanım and named after Ahmet Necib. He had this waterfront residence built for their love.

Hekimbaşı Salih Efendi Waterfront Residence

Hekimbaşı Salih Efendi Waterfront Residence is located in Kanlıca belongs to Hekimbaşı Salih Efendi who is famous for his studies in medicine and botany.

Hekimbaşı Salih Efendi was the director of all medical intitutions the Ottoman period.

The garden of the waterfront residence is famous. Because Salih Efendi was a botany scholar. He was growing various plants and flowers in this garden and made medicines from these. In this way he has managed to grow plants referred to by his own name. For example Hekimbaşı Rose, Hekimbaşı Pear, Hekimbaşı Cherry.

Hekimbaşı Salih Efendi died here in 1905. Some of the things in the waterfront residence are from him.

Hekimbaşı Salih Efendi

Princess Rukiye Waterfront Residence

Loves and marriages between waterfront residences are famous.

Princess Rukiye Hanım is the daughter of Abdülhalim Pasha who one of the Egyptian governers of the Ottoman Empire. Princess Rukiye Hanım married  Sadullah Pasha’s son who has waterfront residence in Çengelköy and they this waterfront residence built in 1895.

It is located in Kanlıca Bay. After İstinye and Tarabya bays, this bay is the third big bay in Bosphorus.

Yağlıkçı Hacı Raşid Bey Waterfront Residence

 Yağlıkçı Hacı Raşid Bey had this waterfront residence built in Kanlıca Bay in 1880s.

Kadri Pasha Waterfront Residence

Ahmet Arif Pasha who one of the grand viziers of the Sultan Abdülhamit II was first owner this waterfront residence in Kanlıca. The waterfront residence was bought by Kadri Pasha. After this waterfront residence was named Kadri Pasha.

Kadir Pasha’s daughter Ayşe Müzdan Kuntar is owner this waterfront residence now.

Ferruh Efendi Waterfront Residence

The waterfront residence of Ferruh Efendi is consisting of two parts: Haremlik and selamlık.

Family life is experienced in the harem section (the part that is brown). Guests are entertained in the selamlık section (the part that is red). There are two owners of this waterfront residence now.

Nazım Pasha Waterfront Residence

This waterfront recidence was belong Nazım Pasha who served governer many province Ottoman times. Nazım Pasha is grandfather of Poet Nazım Hikmet. Nazım Hikmet was named him.

Nazım Hikmet

Pharmacist Edhem Pertev Waterfront Residence

It was built in 1860 by a courtier lady. She lived in this waterfront residence all alone for years.

Pharmacist Edhem Pertev Bey bougth this waterfront residence in the early 1900s.

Edhem Pertev Bey founded the first pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratory of the Ottoman Empire. His most famous product is a cream: Krem Pertev. Krem Pertev was known even in Europe.

Doctor Ali Mazhar Bey Waterfront Residence

Art and Trade Exhibition which held in Sultanahmet Square in 1863 is first exhibition in Ottoman Empire. It was built with materials left over from the exhbition.

Doctor Ali Mahzar Bey bought this waterfront residence after years. It is named after him.

And the image of the raw state of the waterfront residence. 

Hacı Ahmed Bey Waterfront Residence

It was built by Hacı Ahmet Bey in Sultan Abdülhamit II period. Atatürk visited this waterfront residence.

Mehmed Muhtar Bey Waterfront Residence

It is one of the rare green waterfront residence of the Bosphorus. It was built in 1850s.

Saffet Paşa Waterfront Residence

The waterfront residence have one of the largest quays of the Bosphorus. It was built in 1760 and burned down in 1976 after was then rebuilt.

Yağcı Şefik Bey Waterfront Residence

It was built by oil merchant Şefik Bey in 1905. There is no balcony in the waterfront residence in classical Ottoman period. Yağcı Şefik Bey’s heir still reside in waterfront residence.

Dressmaker Ahmed Bey Waterfront Residence

Eladil Kalfa who is owner waterfront residence was lonely. So, she promised to give the waterfornt residence to the person who will take care of her until she dies. So, the waterfront residence was left to Ahmet Bey who was take care of her. Ahmet Bey was selling dress in Eminönü.

The last owner of the waterfront residence was Necmettin Erbakan who served as prime minister of the Republic Turkey between 1996-1997.

Seven-Eigth Hasan Pasha Waterfront Residence

 in Kanlıca is one of the most beatiful waterfront residence of the Bosphorus. It is red vaccine painted and has three floors.

Seven-Eigth Hasan Pasha who is owner the waterfront residence is one of the pashas of the Sultan Abdülhamit II. Seven-Eigth Hasan Pasha’s signature was like seven and eigth.

Ahmed Rasim Pasha Waterfront Residence

Ahmed Rasim Pasha was bureaucrat who served as governer many years in Sultan Abdülhamit II period. The waterfront residence serves as a holtel.

Halil Edhem Bey Waterfront Residence

Its was first owner İbrahim Edhem Pasha who is one of the grand viziers of the Sultan Abdülhamit II.

İbrahim Edhem Pasha has five sons. One of them was Osman Hamdi Bey who is the founder of museology in the Ottoman Empire. Osman Hamdi Bey died herer in 1910.

One of my favorite photograps of Osman Hamdi Bey

Ahmet Mithat Efendi Waterfront Residence

Ahmet Mithat Efendi is an Ottoman intellectual. He published two newspapaer and wrote many novels and many plays. This waterfront residence in Beykoz in was built 1887.

Ahmet Mithat Efendi died here in 1912.


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