The gates of Istanbul 6: Mevlana Gate

This gate took its name from Yenikapı Mevlevi Dervish House that is stayed outside wall.

The gate was built in second Theodosius period and managed to preserve its original form for hundreds of years.

The Byzantines called this gate the Russian Gate.

Russian Gate

A group of Russians lived in Eyüp during the Byzantine period but entry to Istanbul was banned. The Russians rebelled and gained the right to enter Istanbul but only trough this gate. The Russians and rebellion. Perfect couple.

The cross which is on the Mevlanakapı and the Byzantine repair inscription are remarkable. There’s also a cross on the inside of the gate. The gate has two defense towers on both sides. The tower which is on the left of entry, is using as dove cote now. To the left of the gate are stairs where you can climb the tower, where pigeons feed. You can watch a panorama of Istanbul from this tower.

Let’s continue our walk by following the gardens along the walls. A few hundred meters later, the gardens are finished, the weeds begin.

After about one kilometer walk, we’ll reach Topkapı, which is symbolized conquest of Istanbul.

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