Karatodori Pasha Waterfront Residence

The Karatodori family of Greek origin, was a family that raised the important bureaucrats to the Ottoman State.

Stefan Karatodori who is one of the Karatodori family, was private physician of Sultan Mahmud II and Sultan Abdülmecid. Konstantin Karatodori was first surgeon in History of  Ottoman Medicine.

Aleksandros Karatodori Pasha who is one of the Karatodori family, was an Ottoman bureaucrat, served as Ambassador to Viyana, Governor of Crete and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In 1878, he was head of Ottoman delegation at the Berlin Conference, which was convened at the end of Ottoman-Russian War therefore has his signature under the Treaty of Berlin

Çırağan Palace that is located in Beşiktaş, was built by Sultan Abdülaziz in 1867. This waterfront residence which was built with remaining materials from construction of Çırağan Palace was gifted by Sultan Abdülaziz to Karatodori Pasha in 1871 so it is like to palace.

Aleksadros Karatodori Pasha and his wife Kassandra Karatodori

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