The gates of Istanbul 2: Golden Gate

This gate, which is completely covered with Marmara Island marble, has two towers and three passages, is the most magnificent gate of Istanbul.

The emperors and commanders that won the triumph, entered the city from this gate in Byzantine period, for this reason the gate is monumental.

This gate called as Golden Gate because of it covered with golden gilts in once upon a time and had some statue, reliefs.

Except for an eagle relief seen on the corner of the northern tower, there are no other reliefs and statues.

The entrance of gate is among the grass in the Yedikule Cemetery. The gate can also be seen from courtyard of the Yedikule Dungeons but my advice the gate  must be seen from trough the cemetery.

Golden Gate was built as a triumphal arch on its own in a bare field and gained its current appearance in 413. When the land walls were expanded, Golden Gate joined the walls.

Gate of Yedikule located further on about 100 meters from Golden Gate.

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