Field Marshal Zeki Pasha Waterfront Residence

Built by Field Marshal Zeki Pasha, one of the important burocrats of Sultan Abdulhamid II, this building located under the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in Rumelihisarı. It’s one of the rare stone waterfront residences of the Bosphorus.

Zeki Pasha was intensely  loyal to Sultan Abdülhamid II and for years 17 he was in charge of the Arsenal at Tophane. He gave various lessons in military schools for 25 years.

Later the building passed into the ownership of Sabiha Sultan, the daughter of the Sultan Mehmet VI, the last Ottoman sultan, and her husband Ömer Faruk Efendi, a son of the last caliph Abdülmecid Efendi.

Their eldest daughter Neslişah Sultan was born here, and the family continued to live here until whole the family sent into exile.

The building  has 24 rooms and managed to preserve its first appearance.

Neslişah Sultan

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